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#peaceisalifestyle Pledge

June 25, 2014

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I pledge to make peace my lifestyle. In all I do, I will intentionally interweave it into the fabric of my life, creating from it stitch by stitch a quilt of equality, nonviolence and justice. In all I do, I will intentionally embrace peaceful action, like music intentionally exists within a beat, like dance is intentionally nestled inside of rhythm and like poetry intentionally combines hearts, minds and language to express its truth. A peaceful lifestyle proves that nonviolent action is not just a utopian ideal, but something only I can bring into reality.

My peaceful lifestyle rejects hurt and harm and turns away from anything that is the antithesis of peace. I refuse to let anger dictate my actions and I pledge to defuse anger in others if I can. I pledge to let everyone know that peace is not just for hippies, it’s for the hip hoppers, the teenyboppers, the young and the old, the meek and the bold. Pledging for peace does not mean being silent. It actually means being an agent for change and being the first to stand up for anyone whose voice is being silenced or choked.

I pledge to make peace more than two fingers I throw up, but the intentional persuasion of my community. Peace is a lifestyle more dear than any other ideal.

After Years of Violence, I Chose to Make Peace My Lifestyle