• Promote Peace As A LiFeStyle
  • Youth Mentorships that Incorporate Peace Practices and Self Esteem Building to Help Develop Teens and Young Adults into Peer Leaders.
  • Provide young people with the tools and resources that promote critical thinking, self-empowerment and personal accountability
  • Build partnerships between public and private sectors to respond collectively, collaboratively and holistically to the issue of youth violence
  • Create a model for reducing violence that will provide stakeholders with the necessary skills and resources to effectively implement positive change within their own communities


7 Days.

January 15 – 22, 2014 marks the 5th annual NY Peace Week, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy of non-violence.  Organized by LIFE Camp, Inc., the collective goal is to create a culture of peace throughout NYC for 7 days by hosting an event, performing an activity or simply taking one personal action toward creating inner peace and setting a positive example for youth.

NY Peace Week’s theme and messaging is: #PeaceIsALIFEStyle.  Youth and celebrity ambassadors will blog, tweet and post user generated content for 7 days, sharing experiences that reinforce this year’s theme and messaging.

1 Voice.

Peace Week galvanizes the efforts of entertainers, cultural icons, government leaders, educators, athletes and community based organizations to host an event or lend their voice to the message of peace.

1.5 Million NYC Teens & Young Adults

NY Peace Week targets 18 -25 year old tech-savvy, socially active teens, college students and young adults throughout the NY Tri-State Area who are influenced by pop culture and multi-media.  Via events and digital platforms, NY Peace Week will also encourage peer leadership and role modeling among this demo, for youth under age 18 who are looking to them for examples.

Why Peace Week?

Homicide is the leading cause of death among NYC youth. One in ten NYC teens report not going to school because of feeling unsafe at school or on their way to school.  Many NYC youth are measuring their lives in 2 – 5 year cycles, not believing that they will survive beyond the next 5 years. Proceeds from funds raised during NY Peace week will go toward summer programs and activities for NYC youth,  to provide positive alternatives to youth violence and other forms of negative behavior.

Supporting Partners


Recap from Last Year

Take Action

No matter where you live, YOU have the ability to Make Peace A LIFEStyle, become a Peace Correspondent & take part in the 5th Annual Peace Week on January 15th-22nd. You can be part of making history.

On this year for Peace Week we are inviting people all over the world to promote/create Peace to connect with people around you about the biggest challenges facing our world ” Gun Violence. And we’re all answering the same big question: “How can Peace Be A LifeStyle and Help create solutions for the biggest problems facing our community?”

Our goal is to hear the voices and ideas of people everywhere. We are bringing together a global social good community, tackling the same question, exchanging information and sharing the same spirit and the same hashtag #PeaceIsALiFeStyle

In the upcoming week, we’ll be sharing and starting conversations around Peace. In the month of January we’ll bring together all the local discussions into one “action plan,” that highlights the opportunities – and challenges – we all face in making Peace A LiFeStyle & Reducing Gun Violence.

We want to create the most powerful examples the world has ever seen. And we want you to join us. To do this, we need the Peace community everywhere to get engaged.

Pick something to do to Take Action:

peacesign Donate to our $1 National Messaging Campaign to make Peace A LIFEStyle
picbadges Show support by adding a PEACE symbol to your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account using PicBadges
facebook “LIKE” the Peace Is A LIFEStyle Page on Facebook
volunteers Volunteer to help out with our community outreach program
pledge Take the “Peace is a LIFEStyle” Pledge
wearorange Submit A Photo of Yourself Wearing Orange in Support of the Orange 4 Peace Campaign
schoolhall Volunteer to be a Peace Correspondent
ii_14aca9a82104393f Upload a picture of someone you lost to senseless gun violence
peacekeepers Sign up to be a mentor in your neighborhood – Sign petition to allow
formal incarcerated people to become mentors